Aims and Objectives of the Malta Association of Osteopaths VO/1637

The Maltese Association of Osteopathy (MAO) was founded in 2018 by a small group of osteopaths who wanted to bring Osteopathy to a higher level of recognition, after being recognised and regulated by the CPCM since 2012.

The association’s main objectives are to gather practising osteopaths in Malta and have a representation at a national and international level and assist the public to get the right information about osteopathy in Malta.

The MAO is also a member of the EFFO (European Federation and Forum for Osteopathy) and plays a part in regulations and decision-making at a European level. Members of the MAO will enjoy all the benefits of EFFO membership. For more details, please visit

The aims of the association are : 

  1. To unite osteopaths registered in Malta with a common aim to educate the Public and promote the profession of osteopathy.
  2. To join knowledge, experience, effort and resources and participate in research projects.
  3. To improve and establish direct communication with the government and the Ministry of Health or any other relevant entity or authority, in order to allow better public access to osteopathy services.
  4. To provide a voice for Maltese osteopaths in European and International associations (including, but not limited to, EFFO and OIA).
  5. To promote and implement high standards of education and practice according to Maltese law and the European Standard for Osteopathy.
  6. To help with the regulation of the profession by, amongst other things, directly assisting the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine (CPCM), assisting with the handling of patient complaints, and pursuing legal action against any Person practicing without a license.
  7. To work towards creating sub-specialisations within the osteopathic profession
  8. To establish the profession in primary care
  9. To work with existing organisations in Europe to obtain resources and contribute towards research.

The yearly fee for being a member of the association in 2022 is € 120 for new members and €100 for existing members.

The current situation with the Covid-19 crisis makes it even more important and urgent to run this association so as to be able to have official representation here in Malta. This would cover the need for guidance measures and government support initiatives, vaccination, etc. 

Joining the association will strengthen your position as an osteopath and have better representation of your profession in Malta. If you wish to join us, kindly fill in the online form here